Cell Phone Safety Tips That Save Lives

Realtor in San Fernando ValleyOK, so everyone really loves speaking on their cell phones but did you know that doing it could be dangerous to your health? No, I’m not speaking about you’re reported by the news have heard in the past that associate mobile phone usage with brain tumors. I’m referring to the accidents that may result from talking on the cell phone while driving! There is no doubt about any of it, it is DANGEROUS!

Just how many times have you seen another driver begin to drift into another lane of traffic (maybe yours) and then when you go over the thing is at them what do? It had been got by you, a cell phone! They’re more thinking about their discussion than in obeying the principles of the road. Hard to trust, but cutting that company that is big or asking their spouse things to get at the supermarket gets to be more important at that time than their particular safety.

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Can you get a ticket in San Fernando Valley for talking on a cell phone while driving? you ask. YES! Many countries as well as many cities such as for example Los Angeles and states across America have made it illegal to talk on a cell that is hand-held while driving. In states like CA where there is legislation against keeping a cell phone while driving, cops can ticket you for unsafe driving. In other words, you’re driving unsafely as a result of such activities, you could receive a ticket if you are doing something apart from driving while driving holding a cell phone, gaining lipstick, reading a map or book, etc.

A little safer as well as your life a small easier, listed here are some cellular phone safety tips to make your day

Decide to try to place phone calls while your car is fixed.
Use a “hands-free” or presenter phone accessory (these are available for most if not all cell that is hand-held). Not only does this allow you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes in the road, but using a hands-free kit keeps the phone further from your head reducing contact with the alleged radiation that is tumor-causing.

condos for sale in sherman oaksNever read or write texts while driving. Taking your eyes off the road for an extra or two can result in a collision. Pull up to the general side of the road if you must text.

Program frequently called numbers into your phone’s memory enabling you to keep dialing to a minimum.

Never read or write as the motor car is moving. If you must compose a note or take a phone number down during a conversation, PULL OVER!
Make sure your phone is within easy reach while driving.
Be careful when pulling over to position calls. To avoid being a crime victim, do not remain in dangerous areas and keep your vehicle doors locked.

If your phone is connected to your car’s power supply, disconnect your phone before making use of jumper cables. The power surge could damage your phone.

Make sure 911 is programmed into the phone’s memory should you’ll want to report an accident or other emergency.


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