Why Are FSBO Paying Someone 3% to Negotiate Against You?

Why Are FSBO Paying Someone 3% to Negotiate Against You ?

For sale by owners (FSBO) are paying more than other sellers !!!

San Fernando Valley FSBO Dear Mr. For Sale by Owner:

I understand that you are selling your home yourself to save money. You won’t have to pay 3% or 6 % if you sell your residence personally.

You may save a chunk of the commissions, but since over 90% of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties are sold by Real estate professionals, you could very well end up spending the buyer’s agent 3%.  Now, the buyer’s agent who is acquiring 3% from you has a customer agency agreement with the buyer to represent the buyer. Once the buyer agent represents their client, they are obligated to pay them with confidentiality, obedience, accountability, loyalty, diligence and disclosure.  The real estate agent has a fiduciary obligation to the customer. They owe you, as the customer, honesty and fairness – but they do not owe you the highest sale price possible, the fewest requests, the smoothest transaction.

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San Fernando Valley Homes for saleYour San Fernando Valley  house is one of your most significant investments or – hands down, your most important asset.  Why are you paying a person 3% to bargain against you when you are going into the negotiation unrepresented? Would you go to court over a $50,000 law suit without hiring a attorney – particularly if the other party was represented by a lawyer? Yet, you think nothing of selling a home listed for $200,000 or $500,000 or even more – without a real estate broker on your side to protect your interest?  A great Realtor can easily save a client $50,000 – and that $50,000 would be coming out of your pocket.

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