Internet customers: are they real?

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Many agents do not know how to treat internet leads!!

It seems as though many agents don’t value Internet customers because they see them as “tire kickers” not truly searching to buy or sell or do anything with a realtor. You’ve probably had people that claim they are “just curious” and have no intentions of moving. Or maybe you’ve gotten a lead that was a bit put off at being contacted by you, because they didn’t want to talk to an broker.

I understand these customers?, YES!!!

They are tech experience

They desire content

They really want immediate answer

They have done some researching

I have to earn their loyalty

There are two great benefits to Web customers:

internet leads 2

Nearly all of the individuals who fill out lead forms to receive help and advice may not want a realtor right away, but they DO really want the help and advice only an agent can provide – they just don’t always know it.

Since many of these Web clients are long term customers, you find them in the beginning phases of their decision, which means you are the first and only agent to contact them, giving you a advantage on any competition that may appear.

I have a lot of experience with Internet clients and buyers who call our office for content.  I can help you  and win your loyalty.  I want clients like yourself to work with. So that you don’t contact another real estate agent.


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