What is Memorial Day?

Joe Oscar NeuahThere is a lot of hype around town about Memorial Day being ruined! People are complaining that their BBQ’s are getting cancelled. One person at the store last night was on a rant about Water World not opening this weekend. I heard a couple at the gas station complain to the clerk that their camping plans are crushed because it’s snowing in the mountains. All this complaining about fun events makes me feel that some people may have forgotten the true reason for Memorial Day.

Let’s not forget that the last Monday of May holds a very painful reminder for many Americans.Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service. Men and Women who lost their lives fighting for our country are the ones that should be remembered on this day. Many people forget the meaning and think of it as a national BBQ day. It’s important that we are more aware as many of these soldiers left behind entire families.

San Fernando valley homes for saleWhen Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day families would go out to the graves of our fallen soldiers and decorate many headstones. Today, many cemeteries remain empty even on Memorial Day.

So instead of getting really upset that our BBQ’s are getting cancelled and that Colorado has terrible camping weather right now let’s all take the time and go out and celebrate Memorial Day the way it was meant to be celebrated. Remember, on Monday take the time to remember our fallen soldiers and acknowledge the families that they left behind.


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If you are in the military or have served in the past we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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